Grid magnet for bulk material

Application Profile
  • separates all magnetic metal
Inspection of
  • bulk materials
  • dry
  • free-flowing
Material flow
  • free-fall

  • Efficient separation of small and smallest iron contamination and magnetised stainless steel particles

  • Separation of bulk material

  • Suitable for pipeline systems, hoppers, chutes, etc.

  • Easy handling and cleaning

  • Easy integration

  • Quick delivery

Product description
Permanently magnetic grid magnets can be supplied in circular, rectangular or square format and are therefore universally applicable. Ferrous particles are filtered out from bulk material as they pass through the magnetic grid. 

  • Outstanding magnetic flux density with up to 13 700 Gauss

  • Food industry standard quality

  • EASY CLEAN version available

  • Approved for ATEX zone 20

  • FDA compliant version available

  • Customer-specific dimensions

The Sesotec Magnet Catalogue
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