Separator rod
Application Profile
  • separates all magnetic metal
Inspection of
  • bulk materials
  • dry
  • free-flowing
Material flow
  • free-fall
  • pump conveying
  • bulk material columns
Separates ferrous metals
For the inspection of solid and
liquid media
Easy handling and cleaning
Optimal cost/performance ratio
Short delivery time 
Product description
Permanent magnetic filter bars can be installed anywhere in the bulk material stream. The extremely high magnetic forces separate even weakly magnetized stainless steel particles from the product stream.  
Magnetic flux density up to max. 13 700 Gauss
Can be universally integrated
Can be installed at any position in the material flow
EASY CLEAN version
Sturdy and wear-resistant stainless steel tubes (AISI 316L)
Customer-specific rod lengths
Approved for ATEX zone 20